Friday, 20 March 2020


"I need you for my happiness”

 “I feel happier when you are around”

These are some of the lines we often hear and say to our loved ones. The reason is that we become dependent on them for our certain needs. Be it friend, partner, or relative, we are somehow connected with the people around us. We weave our lives around them and their ignorance is something that hurts us badly.  When we see them moving towards others, that is far from us, we might feel jealous. We start recalling the past when we were together and happy. It's hard to see that the time you both were enjoying together has passed on to some other person. Our value in someone’s life has decreased. Often jealousy is considered negative, but it is also an emotion. It occurs when our beloved one is becoming more inclined towards someone other than us. Depending on its intensity, often it leads to the disliking of the person to whom our beloved one is inclined.

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Jealousy when occurs, should not be ignored. Whenever you feel jealous, give it a thought. What is the reason that you are feeling so bad? Why is the person moving away from us? Has the relation badly affected due to some reason. One reason could be that you are not giving appropriate time to the person because of which he/she is moving away from you. The other reason might be that the relationship with another person is becoming much better. Then should we keep on trying to improve our relationship? An initial small effort is appreciated, but what if things are still not changing. Then we should stop making hard efforts, as an excess of everything is eventually harmful. If things are nor working out, then we should accept the fact that your beloved one is happy with that other person. If you will keep running after a person, he will start running away from you. So better is to accept and leave everything in the hands of time.

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Being rude

One is there with whom only fight occurs; another is there who is always sweet to me. One is rude to me often whereas the other one always seems soft-spoken. When alone, one never consents to my opinions whereas another one always agrees with my opinions. Who, out of these, is really good to me? In front of others, surprisingly the first one is helpful to me whereas the second one tries to show me down.

It’s very difficult to understand the people around. Out of siblings, friends, relatives, colleagues and all other around, it's very tough to find out who is your actual well-wisher. You might be good for the people around, but all those around might not be the same. Usually, those who are rude seem to be not good but is it really so?

When someone does not behave as per our expectations, such as deny something or talk in a little disrespectful manner or talk with a little loud voice, we think that the person is being rude. Do they actually like to be rude? Is rudeness something very wrong? One reason could be that the person in front is not sharing a healthy relationship with the person being rude. Certain past experiences could be the reason. But sometimes we can be rude to the person whom we love. The reason might be that there is so much going in the mind of a person or such instances are occurring in life that one can not explain. The distance can also play a role, as we are more rude to those who are closer to us, as compared to those who are strangers. It's relatively easy to shower love from distance.

It’s not necessary that those who seem sweet are always good and those who seem rude are always bad. One cannot be humble all the time, so it is really ok to behave differently sometime.