Thursday, 15 November 2018


He used to play with his friends in the evening in a park. Whatever he had, he used to share with all- be it happiness, be it sweets or be it gossips. He was a carefree child who was a joy to talk with. Everyone used to like him. His friends, his family members, his teachers, he was favorite of everyone. One day he found a paper lying over on the bench. He looked at it but could not understand the word “lottery” written over it. He didn’t mind much and kept the paper in his pocket. Then he became busy playing with his friends.

He went home and showed it to her mother. Her eyes became filled with joy but she didn’t tell anyone about this. Very next moment, with the ticket in her hand and happiness in her heart, she went to the shop to check the number written on the ticket. There was a rush on the shop but she could not wait for anymore. Pushing the people aside, she moved forward. Her fingers moved down in the list and to her surprise, the number were the winning one. She screamed with joy, with her eyes full of tears. The crowd pushed her behind and she stood there still. The ticket falls down from her hand and a strong wind blew it away from her. She ran after the ticket, with sweat on her forehead and one hand on her sari pleats. She kept on running until she caught it. She felt as if this ticket is a solution to all of her life problems. Panting heavily and holding the torn ticket in her hand, she reached back to the shop and claimed her money. It was 20,000 rupees, an amount really big and life-changing for those who don’t even get enough food for their survival.

A few hours ago in the afternoon…..

Wandering on the road he walked half an hour ago, looking at the stairs he just got down from and checking the pocket, again and again, Varun is trying to find something. He had planned to take her wife and his child to the fair. He even worked overtime to get this little extra money but it seems that he had lost it.

‘Why is God so unfair? I worked so hard to fulfill the desire of my kid. People are wrong when they say that hard work pays. They are all just sayings.’
‘Where is my money? Let me try to recall the events. I went through this road to that stairs and then board the metro. I checked all the stairs and everything. Someone must have stolen them from my pocket.’
‘Now I would I take my son to that fair. I don’t love you, god. That’s so bad. I never do bad to anyone. Then why me??’

Past in the evening ….

A couple was roaming in the park with their baby in his cradle. They were planning the future of their small child.

‘We will buy a big house, with a separate room for our baby. Our present house is good enough but we will provide our kids with better facilities’.
They were deciding all the room accessories, the colors of curtains, the bed sheet.
“I have started saving money from now so that we can utilize when our kid will start going to school and will need money to spend with his friends. We will grow him up like a prince. Look, what I have got for this!!
‘A lottery ticket’ exclaimed the husband with joy.

They were busy talking when the cradle slipped on a large stone and was about to fall when a small boy holds it all of the sudden. The boy falls down and got injured but he managed to save the cradle from falling. The couple got panic and hold their baby. The mother carefully checked whether the baby is fine or not. They thanked this boy and asked him if he was fine. They offered him an ice cream. All three of them ate ice cream and sat down on the bench. This little boy was very sweet and the couple like him very much. They were filled with positive energy on listening to him. Then they left but the boy was there as he was waiting for his friends to come. A few minutes later, the boy saw a paper on the bench.
He tried to find that couple but they were gone. He did not know the meaning of term ‘lottery’ written over the paper.


Varun is very upset and returns home. His mind is full of sad thoughts and he told his wife that he is not well. But the truth was really different from what he said. He has lost his money, which he collected for this fair. He was waiting for this fair for last 15 days when he would see the happy smile on the face of his child. He doesn’t want to talk to anyone. His wife can understand that it is a money problem, even when he did not tell her.

‘Come Varun, let’s have dinner.’
‘No I am going to sleep. You both have it’ he said while getting irritated and still thinking about the money.
‘We all will go for a night walk after some time. Till then you freshen yourself and relax’ said his wife.

Varun does not want to come but also does not want to miss this happy time together. Unwillingly, he walks out of the home. Lights are decorating and enlighting the shops on the roads as Diwali is approaching. The stars are bright and the traffic on roads has reduced at this time of the day. His son is constantly speaking and telling about his school activities but Varun is lost in the moment. The cold wind is blowing, marking the advent of winters. There is a little silence at one side, a peaceful silence. He could see from here that those who live on the footpath are preparing to sleep Some of them are having their meal together, gossiping and laughing loudly. The sky is full of smiling stars and a moon shining with joy.


Varun is a bit relaxed now, maybe his plans did not work out for the day but he is still happy. He will definitely have a good sleep tonight. He looked at the sky and thanked God for what he has.


Preparing a good dinner after a long time, the mother is waiting for her husband to come. She is feeling contented after a long time. She calls her son and puts her hand over his head, thus giving him blessings.

‘Today we will have a feast
‘But what is the occasion maa. Usually, we do not eat at night.’

She becomes sad about his innocent words but then shows him the thaali she had prepared- chapati, daal with even spices in it and a bowl of curd. He is very happy and is constantly looking at the door for his father to enter. That thaali is no less than a dream to him. Today he will sleep peacefully with her satiated stomach. The mother is constantly thanking God for his blessing.


The couple is a little sad on the loss of ticket. They are thinking that they might have won the lottery and could have an increment of 20,000 rupees in their savings account if that ticket was not lost.

‘But dear, it is also possible that the number was the losing one.’
‘Yeah, you are right. But at least I wanted to check it once’ replied the thoughtful husband.


Then the baby started making sounds as if he is calling his father. His babbling was music to their ears which can make them forget all their worries. They both started playing with their baby, for whose future they were worried a few moments ago. They hardly remember the loss of that ticket anymore.

At the end of the day and at the end of life, it's not about how much we earned or how much we succeeded in life. It's all about how content and happy we are with our small moments, Our plans often do not work for us but they might work and bring happiness to others we don’t even know. We might not get the desired things as someone else needs it more than us. How peaceful we are at heart when we are going to sleep every day is what that matters.

Friday, 7 September 2018


There is a huge, very huge crowd of people around me. Almost everybody around is looking so perfect- equipped with clear skins, gadgets in their hands, earphones plugged, brand new clothes. I am feeling like a less-privileged person in the midst of all. They are so fluent, with appropriate posture. Those who are alone are busy with their gadgets and those with a partner are busy talking. But I am none of them. I am standing, half dozing.  I am feeling bored. But what to do, I am scared of the damage that these gadgets cause in long-term. So I try to avoid them as much as possible. But the journey is too long. I am observing people, carefully.  I often feel discouraged when I see so many people are there who are better than me. This spoils my mood. Why can’t I look like them? Why can’t I speak like them? Every morning I try to change my look, although a little,  in order to look better than everyone. I am very confident about myself, till the time I step out of my home. My home is the place which never lets me down. It is a place of pride for me. A place, where everyone will listen to what I am saying, where there is relatively lesser competition for being the best. Home is where I don’t need to be what I am not. It’s a place of acceptance. But as soon as I move out, a race begins- To be THE BEST. It seems that the eyes around are keeping a close watch at you every time.

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Here I got the seat, I am about to sit when a girl moved ahead of me and sat down before me. I am not too quick. I suddenly slipped on the floor and fall down. I got up. Everybody must be laughing, I am so dumb. I should be careful. Strange!! Nobody was laughing, except one or two. Anyway, I have to keep standing. Next time I would be quicker. I am hungry; I will eat cookies that are in my bag. While eating, I will not make any munching. Oh no! Half of the cookie dropped from my mouth. I have no etiquette. Eating here was not a good idea. I should not do anything at all. I should think about something- but what?? Looking around-- I have gained weight. Although mother says that I look much better now, but it’s not good to gain 7 kg. I have to do more exercise to be in a good shape.
Look at that girl, she is so confident. That boy, he is so handsome. That lady, what a beautiful sari she is wearing. There is a mirror in front- I should see whether my hairs are properly tied or not. Looking in the mirror- “Even I am looking pretty. Why have I not looked upon at myself so carefully?” I have worn new dress which is looking so good.” Then I hear a noise- one girl shouting for a seat-“I came first.” I am happy that I never did that.

I have to get down. But there is no need to push someone for that. Ultimately everyone will get down.  I will wait for my turn to get down. I will reach my workplace and do my work. I am different from others, just like everyone is. But I feel as if I am more different, and I rarely laugh. I just love observing them.  But today I was praised by one my colleague for being focussed on my work. That encourages me. I will work more hard. I rarely go to canteen as I am not much confident to order something for myself, but I can give company to my friend. I do not talk to many people, but I can remain silent to listen when my friend is sharing sorrows.

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 I am not perfect, just like everyone. But I am important, to myself. What if I lack something called ‘SELF- CONFIDENCE’ doesn’t mean I can’t do anything. I can still shine. I am still worthy of doing many things. Lack of something doesn’t mean lack of everything.

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Everyone have their own areas where they can perform their best. Even grasses can thrive well in presence of large trees. Grasses don’t try to push themselves to become trees, instead just nurture themselves with all the available resources.