Wednesday, 27 June 2018

An Uncertain Rain

What a humid afternoon it was, everyone was cursing the sun. The electricity supply was falling shorter and shorter, as the demand was continuously hiking. No one even wanted to move away from the air conditioner. Mobile phones and television were the only entertainers.

 Going outdoor was like a punishment, which nobody would agree for.  Then suddenly, within few minutes the weather changed. A huge cloud overshadowed the sun as if it was challenging-  "Oh, you are teasing the people. Just wait and watch, I will make you vanish." Few drops came down on the land like the drops of new life and sky started becoming dark. And then started the thunder.

The rain was like a sudden ripple in our silent life. Everyone, either directly or indirectly, was touched by the little drops. 

"Go upstairs and get the dry clothes" 
"Shut down the windows"
“Oh even the light is gone, how will I watch my serial? Today was Maha episode.”
“Now the roads will get blocked”
"I would love a cup of tea with some pakoras.
"I am going on the terrace to enjoy rain"
 It was like a source of joy. We were so thankful to Indra Dev, he saved all of us from scorching heat.


Children started searching for waste papers and came running,
"Mummy, please help us in making paper boats."
After few minutes, the boat would sink, but children never gave up. They kept on making new boats and allowed them to sink every time.

On the terrace, we all met after a long time. Leaving our electronic gadgets behind, we really met our family. There were no emojis, but the real us. And we really enjoyed, we did. There were no selfies, no photo shoot, but we together in our simple clothes were smiling genuinely. In our busy lives, we often forget those who are really close to us, who live with us. Every drop of rain, falling on the face, was giving us a message to live our life a little more. 

This rain was uncertain but delightful. We splashed water over each other, we sang, we danced, forgetting all the work we are left with. Nothing was planned, no money was spent, no bookings were done, but we enjoyed a lot.

Happiness is around; we just need to find it in our daily lives. It can be found in a shower of rain or in being together with the people around.  
It was for a short moment, but we all felt energized. Now we had to finish our work.

 This rain definitely did not help us in solving any of the life problems, but the happiness derived from shower really did. Maybe just for few minutes, but we really forgot all the competitions and the future plans.

Did you enjoyed the shower, leaving your important, never-ending chores behind?

Saturday, 14 October 2017


It is the most beautiful feeling in the world.  All of us have felt it surely, for someone ,somewhere. Love is not at all confined to our romantic partner.Romance is just a small drop in a huge ocean of love. Its love, when we stare at  a newborn baby, its love when we pray deep heartedly to god, when we get worried for our friends,when we help someone without expecting anything in return,when we forgive our young siblings for hurting us,when we make others smile,when we plan a surprise for our parents ,when we spread hapiness all around,for everyone. Its like, love is in the air, its in the vibrations. If we start sharing love with people around, it takes everybody into its folds. 

              But the most misunderstood meaning of "love" today is  that it is just between girlfriend-boyfriend or husband-wife. This is something that demeans love. Love doesn't require two person to be together always.Where there is love, distances doesn't matter at all. Its truly said- "pyaar me do logo ka hona jaruri nahi h, bas pyar ka hona jaruri h". Love can also be one sided, still it can exist for the whole life, even without the involvement of second person. Even if you are a mile away ,still some vibrations,some wishes,some concern,some good memories, some desires will always keep you connected to the one you love..Yes... we can fight, we can try to forget everything but  Love will always revive...always..It is unaffected ,unstoppable. Just like our heart beat!!!

Keep loving everyone as we have a never ending reservoir of love inside. The more you love,the more it refills itself, everytime with even more positivity.